Professional Development Workshops help students to identify the skills they would require to attribute so as to make a smooth transition to the workforce or higher education. The workshops are held every week by experienced faculties of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Week 1 : Dr. Kemal  Akkaya on REU SITE Orientation.

Dr.Kemal Akkaya welcomed the REU students to FIU. REU SITE Orientation Presentation was delivered by Dr.Kemal Akkaya and Dr. A. Selcuk Uluagac where they highlighted the main objective of the program and provided information about the mentors assigned to each students. The students gained information about the program and its objective.

Week 2 : Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim on What is research ?

Workshop on The Research Process by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim was organized at the REU Work-site. Students attended the workshop and found it to be enriching. Students were given insights on what research entails, the various types of research, research opportunities, and tips on graduate level researches.


Week 3 : Dr. Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman and Dr. Mohammad Hossein Manshaei on “Rock your Presentation: How to prepare and deliver a presentation ?

Dr. Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman and Mohammad Hossein Manshaei presented a workshop on how to be an exceptional presenter at the REU Work-site. The students gained insights on how to structure their talk so as to keep their audience entertained, as well as how to create simple yet effective slides for their presentation. Last but not least, they also learnt how to talk to their audience with regards to delivering their message or explaining results, and also how to respond to questions from the audience.