The rapid proliferation of various smart, low-cost and small devices led to the nationwide development of smart buildings, cities, technologies, etc., in order to make our lives more efficient, safer and less costly than before. Motivated with the increasing ubiquity of such “Smart Things (ST)”, this proposed project will continue serving the REU site titled Security of Smart Things in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Florida International University (FIU). The primary focus of this project is to engage students with various research topics related to the security and privacy of ST. The students will learn from an expert group of faculty how to design, implement, and assess research projects in the areas that are becoming crucial for the safety and privacy of our lives. In addition, students will improve their skills by participating in technical workshops, presentations, and professional development activities. Although the main emphasis of the proposed REU site is to improve research experience for undergraduates, we also aim to:

1) improve enrollment in STEM areas;
2) improve the percentage of female and underrepresented minority students;
3) increase the enrollment into graduate programs; and
4) build a community of SST researchers.

This REU site is a great opportunity for undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors, non-graduating seniors) to engage in hands-on research activity under the supervision of a faculty mentor and postdoctoral fellow in the ECE Department throughout the summer.

Our program includes weekly seminars/workshops, preparation of a research poster, individual academic career counseling, and hands-on training with real equipment.

The program dates will be from June 3rd, 2024 to July 26th, 2024. Each participating undergraduate student will receive an award of $700 per week in addition to FIU on-campus housing, meals, materials costs and a travel allowance of $600.